John Dougall is awarded with the 2020 MacLellan Leadership Award

2020 Leadership Award

Tue, 04/25/2023 - 23:26

Every year MacLellan reflects on our accomplishments over the course of the year and selects an individual who best represented Excellence in Leadership. The nominees represent the "best of the best" in excellent leadership qualities for MacLellan through the daily demonstration of our core values:

Trust | Integrity | Responsibility | Community | Excellence

The 2020 Excellence in Leadership award winner is John Dougall, EHS Manager. John has a can-do attitude; he will jump in and help regardless of whether it is his responsibility. He can always be counted on to provide support, direction, and guidance. John wants and expects our managers to call him regardless of the hour of day or night to report safety issues as they happen. From there he provides guidance, direction, and necessary follow through measures to best help us to manage the well-being of our colleagues.

John’s responsibility to the organization is visible both day to day and long term. He can be counted on to do what he tells you he will do, no matter how difficult. John holds himself, his team, and his peers accountable through his actions and how effectively he communicates with them.

John demonstrates how he values our community daily. He does this through his genuine care and concern for the organization, but more importantly, John demonstrates his value of people to all our colleagues in the way he responds to their needs with a personal touch.

The award selection process was very close this year as there were several well deserving nominees. What set John apart was his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. John was at the forefront of our response to the pandemic, helping guide our actions and responding to the constantly changing recommendations from the CDC. John communicated directly with our sites to provide guidance and worked closely with the HR Group to ensure we were communicating the same message. John did this willingly and without hesitation. While it is impossible to say how our response and communication prevented COVID cases among our organization, I have no doubt that John’s involvement helped prevent COVID cases within our organization by the constant communication and knowledge sharing. This likely had a net positive effect amongst our employee’s families too. John’s input, support, and dedication to help continue to guide us through the pandemic has been truly impactful.

We are honored to have John Dougall as a part of the MacLellan team, and we are thankful to him for the continued dedication and support that he provides to our entire organization.

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