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Cultural DNA

We are Best People, Best Systems, Best Results. We are one team. We respect each other. We intentionally show up for each other without hidden agendas or motives. We ask, “what else can I do to help?” We are generous with praise and celebrate successes. We bring people together who share our values and help them discover and achieve their potential.

Be Trustworthy

Earn trust by listening to understand, speaking with clarity, and acting with purpose.

We draw our strength from each other. We are open to new ideas and do not interrupt, we listen fully before responding. We take action to improve conditions, situations, and surroundings. If we don’t understand, we ask for clarity. We are transparent as an organization and open with each other, always working as a team to help one another. We make each other look good by having each other’s back.

Have Integrity

Always honest, always honorable, always sincere.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but we do what is right regardless of who’s watching. We do not ignore issues, we do not wait and see, we do not finger point, we own our problems. We learn from successes and failures; we speak candidly but with full ownership of our tone and delivery when communicating. We focus on the opportunity, not the person. We ask for feedback with the knowledge it will be constructive, never negative, and always sincere. We hear both the easy and the hard things, and we learn from the feedback. .

Own Responsibility

Be bought in and fully invested, show up for each other every day, be authentic.

We are responsible. We say what we do and do what we say, no exceptions. We don’t surprise each other with results, attitudes, or words. No one is the smartest, no one is dumb, everyone contributes. We own our mistakes; we’re open to sharing with the team and receiving feedback. We don’t say, “It’s not my job”, we pitch in and help. We do not have problems; we only have opportunities.

Embrace Community

Always a team, value diversity, value inclusiveness, value each other.

We bring the best versions of ourselves to work every day. We are multicultural with varied perspectives and experiences. We embrace our diversity and focus on being inclusive as it makes us better as people and as an organization. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We extend into our communities and volunteer support and resources, not for recognition but rather for the encouragement it provides others and the enrichment it provides us.

Be Excellent

Passionately committed to being the best, striving for perfection, always aiming for greatness.

We set our sights high and we’re precise in our actions. Being good is for someone else, we resolve to be great. Mistakes are unavoidable, but so is learning, through learning we eliminate mistakes, indifference is unacceptable. Our people are cherished and encouraged to challenge the status quo and seek new and innovative ways to make our work safer, easier, and faster.

Core Values