Having launched our critical process cleaning business with Toyota, we have grown up with their continuous improvement culture and the methodology of the Toyota Production System. We have applied TPS to all areas of our business and together with our experience have adopted a manufacturing discipline throughout our organization. This is unique to a service organization and brings consistent, measurable results. Standardized processes are essential to sustain and improve service delivery. MacLellan utilizes visual management tools for training, auditing and tracking our continuous improvement. Quality standards are developed for all of our tasks to ensure that our customer’s expectations are clearly identified. Best practices are recorded and shared throughout our many site locations through on-site report outs and benchmarking.

Over the last 20 years of applying TPS to our everyday business practices we have learned that continuous improvement is a never ending cycle.  Today, we are accountable to our own standards and continue to raise our expectations in an effort to deliver Best Results for our customers.

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