Kadriene McKenzie

MacLellan Employee Since 2017

Speaking to Kadriene makes me think of a student transitioning to that of teacher.  She has demonstrated an eagerness to learn as well as a willingness to help those around her be successful.

Like many of our successful managers, Kadriene was looking for weekend work. When she visited with a local staffing company, they recommended MacLellan and Kadriene never looked back. Within two years, Kadriene was hired as a full time MacLellan employee at one of our OEM paint shops. Not long after, she moved into a team leader position.

When an opportunity arose to work in the body weld shop, Kadriene took the opportunity to learn another manufacturing process. As a team leader in the weld shop, she worked individually with each of her team members and ensured that they received the training and encouragement that she had been given as a team member.

When an opening for a Group Leader position arose, Kadriene applied and accepted the additional responsibility. “This position provided more training along with extra hours and a lot of hard work; I learned so much about financials, public speaking, sales and marketing. This position gave me an opportunity to strengthen my skills both at work and in my personal life. I am so grateful for my MacLellan managers”.

Seeing her potential, the Regional Manager for the site placed Kadriene in a Manager in Training program back in the paint department. In this role, Kadriene learned the MacLellan Way. She learned the systems of MacLellan, not just how we perform safety improvements and kaizen reports but why and the impact on the site team and the organization overall.

In 2019, Kadriene was offered the position of Assistant Contract Manager in paint. She worked hard in this role and believes that the customer played a role in her advancement. “My customer worked with me to learn more, not just about the process but also management skills. He was by my side, helping me to be successful.”

In March of 2022, Kadriene accepted the position of Contract Manager. Now, Kadriene is focused on bringing her proactive mentality to her new role. With this approach Kadriene is looking forward to helping her team and customer not only achieve success now, but sustainable success for the future. Kadriene said, “I love my position and love my site. I will continue to improve and learn in order to be ready to take on my next role.”


“As a team member, my team leader trained me well and I loved my team interaction. We became like family and worked together to complete every task. If I had a bad day at home, my work family was so supportive”.

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