Jose Villarreal

MacLellan Employee Since 2008

Jose Villarreal started with MacLellan as a team member January 29th, 2008.  During a challenging launch at a new contract, Jose was soon promoted to team leader.  Jose was always in the plant and asking what he could do to help.  He never backed down from a challenge.

Over the next 13 months, Jose continued to work hard and help his team succeed. Soon, Jose was promoted to group leader.  His work ethic and positive attitude were contagious with his team. They trusted him, they believed in him and they followed his lead.

In November 2011, Jose was promoted to assistant manager.  This is when his journey to becoming the 2012 Leadership Award winner began.  In July and then again in September of 2012, Jose and his team won the plant cost award.  MacLellan was the first supplier to be awarded the Plant Cost Award, which is presented monthly to an individual or group who has developed, submitted and implemented a continuous improvement idea. Jose also led three Jishuken activities resulting in DPV reductions in the paint shop.

In July of 2014, Jose was promoted to Contract Manager. This roll gave Jose additional management responsibilities while he mentored and encouraged his team to ask questions, do their best and improve processes. In 2016, his plastics team won another award for cost savings.

In 2017, Jose was promoted to Account Manager. In this role, he has total site responsibility for customer service delivery and all industrial cleaning responsibilities on site. Additionally, he works closely with our on-site maintenance team to ensure work is completed safety and efficiently. He also supports his upcoming leaders and coaches them for presentations to our customer management team.

Beginning in 2018, Jose took responsibility for the company SAVE program. With this responsibility, he has the opportunity to work with all teams throughout MacLellan to improve the program, educate all sites on the SAVE tool and support the development of company-wide best practices. Throughout his tenure, Jose has met or exceeded customer targets for safety, quality and delivery.

Jose has proven what hard work and determination can do and has brought inspiration to the entire site team. 

Throughout his tenure, Jose has met or exceeded customer targets for safety, quality and delivery. He believes the end of improvement, is the beginning of improvement.

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