Steelcase Award

We are proud to announce our partnership with Steelcase in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our team launched the critical process cleaning support in September 2014 in two locations, KW-their powder paint facility and the wood finish facility.

During the past eight months, our teams have focused on the development of standardized work and adapted best practices from other locations. Our customer contact at the KW plant, Mike Warners, recently stated, “I am grateful to come in on Monday mornings and know that the tasks are completed in a quality manner and that I am not walking into a bunch of cleaning issues.”  Our customer contact at the wood facility, Robb Andrusiak, stated, “MacLellan has been asked by other departments to support their needs as well as our finish line; that is the true measure of your performance, when other areas want to incorporate your cleaning results in their areas.”

Our site manager, Brent Hilley stated, “We have strived to understand the system and production requirements and continue to work together with Steelcase to make improvements in quality and reduce our costs”.

Recently recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” in the Home Equipment and Furnishings industry, Steelcase has been a major employer in Grand Rapids since their start in 1912. MacLellan has worked in the state of Michigan since 1999 and is excited about expanding in the West Michigan area and adding Steelcase to our family of customers.

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