2017 MacLellan Leadership Award Recipient

MacLellan Integrated Services core values reflect: Trust, Commitment, Attitude, and 100% Responsibility.  Each year MacLellan Leadership takes pause to recognize an individual within the organization that exemplifies those core value.  This past year MacLellan took great pride in recognizing a leader within the organization that fit that description.  Not only did he excel at his current position, he made major contributions to company initiatives and was an active member in his community.  

Ken Ruiz first began his career with MacLellan in early 2000.  His 18 years of service only begin to define his dedication.  Over those 18 years Ken has served in many capacities.  His initial position within the company was a support function as a Travel Consultant.  Ken was hungry to learn more. He asked questions, he was engaged and he challenged the status quo.  It was during this time that he was introduced to Continuous Improvement.  He soon realized the power of formal problem solving and applied these basic principles to his own roles and responsibilities.  His traits and his skill set was apparent.  In 2003 Ken was promoted to Communication Manager for the entire organization.  

As Communication Manager Ken worked tirelessly to improve forums and streamline the communication tools used by MacLellan.  Ken’s commitment was once again placed on display when he began his work to improve the MacLellan Desktop. He led a team that was focused on the improvement of the functionality of the system ranging from usability to general appearance.  This communication space for MacLellan began to evolve with Ken at the helm.  With his mindset that nothing can be improved unless there is a clear standard, Ken began to add tremendous detail to our processes.  Improvement after improvement was implemented to reach its current state today, a vibrant, intuitive communication hub. The current platforms' effectiveness is a direct result of Ken’s determination to apply continuous improvement to the process.  

Congratulations to Ken, a true role model for MacLellan Integrated Services.



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