2016 Leadership Award

One of the greatest compliments that you can pay someone is that they are passionate about what they do. Shawn exemplifies that in how he approaches his career with MacLellan. It is my great pleasure to be able to present to you Shawn Norton as our 2016 Leadership Award winner.

In his five years with MacLellan, Shawn has consistently displayed a belief in our core values: attitude, trust, commitment, and 100% responsibility. Shawn joined us in April of 2011 and five months later agreed to move from Ventra Evart to Pentair. This was a difficult time that required Shawn and his wife to go through extended periods of separation. Since that time Shawn has excelled at Pentair and supported the company’s needs with launch support, deep clean support, and has significantly grown the business at Pentair; including adding a janitorial contract in 2014.

Shawn’s passion and discipline have been evident in Pentair being a benchmark site for 5S, Crib Standardization, and Safety. Pentair, contract 5018, gained gold level safety certification this year with a score of 96.8% and Pentair, contract 5087, attained silver level certification with a score of 98.9%. This is on top of the site being accident and incident free since December of 2010. All of these things helped contribute to our 20th anniversary at Pentair in July of this year.

Congratulations to Mr Shawn Norton for his excellent Leadership!



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