Eye on Safety

An eye on safety improves more than the work environment.

Every week, our team at one of our OEM facilities cleans 2.64 miles of catwalk handrail. The rail is comprised of 5 horizontal rails and although not difficult to perform, the rail cleaning is time intensive.

When bending to clean the lower rails caused back fatigue, our team recognized the safety concern and set out to find a better way!

Together, manager, team leader and team member crafted a tool capable of cleaning the top 180 degrees of all 5 rails at one time. A handle was added to the tool to allow the team member to walk upright and eliminate the ergonomic issues with the task. Plus, this new method of cleaning is 3 times faster than cleaning by hand.

Safety is our number one metric. Our attention to safety leads to cost savings and improved team member morale. This disciplined approach to continuous improvement pays dividends in every area of our business.


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