Creating Solutions

We perform preventative maintenance in many Body Shop environments. Imagine: weld slag, arc flash, flying sparks...

During a routine robot joint inspection, our team needed to clean and remove weld slag from the joint prior to investigating the functionality and performing the preventative maintenance. Overseeing the operation, our Process Manager suggested that we could cover the joint and eliminate the cleaning requirement.

Working together, our Maintenance Team developed a solution to cover the joint using a sheet of rubber and spiral wrap. This slag guard, as it has come to be known, is hung around the base of the joint and secured with the spiral wrap to hold it in place, eliminating the need to clean the joint.  When the guard was successful on the first robot, our customer agreed that we should create and cover them all. With 700 weld robots, saving 30 minutes per robot inspection.

Going above and beyond - thinking about better ways to perform our tasks - creating solutions - that's the MacLellan Way.

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