Continuous Improvement

In the spring of 2014, our waste water treatment group came to the conclusion that the existing group of three batch tanks would be insufficient to handle the additional load created by an additional paint line. After study and calculation, it became apparent to our group that our customer had only enough capacity to meet the treatment needs under ideal conditions. Should there be an upset condition, a mechanical failure, or the need to drop more than one tank, the waste water system would not be able to handle it.

Once this conclusion was reached, our manager, talked to our customer and supplied them with the waste water group’s findings. Our customer agreed with the assessment and put together a project team to source the tank and the installation. During, and after this process the waste water group played an integral role.

  • MacLellan sourced multiple suppliers for the tank and installation and submitted those bids to the project team.
  • MacLellan used this expertise in conjunction with the suppliers to put together both the costing and the timeline for the installation.
  • MacLellan attended both the project team meetings and the paint shop weekend work meetings to help synchronize the work and avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • The MacLellan waste water team made daily inspections of the work, tracked progress for the project team, and helped work through programming and logic bugs related to the automation of the system and communication with the existing systems.

These efforts have allowed our customer to continue their excellent discharge compliance record, avoided down time, added flexibility to the system to handle upset conditions and project, and raised the overall capacity of the system.

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