Award-winning Performance

MacLellan transitioned into an account after a competitor had been on site for three years. We were excited to bring our disciplined approach to this new contract and offered many suggestions for improvement. After 4 years on site, we were recognized as the first supplier to ever be awarded the Plant Cost Award. This award is presented monthly to an individual or group who has developed, submitted, and implemented a continuous improvement idea. Each month the entire plant submits their activities and is scored based on Safety, Effectiveness, Feasibility and Cross Functionality (sharing) impacts.

As part of our ongoing drive of continuous improvement, MacLellan performed a Jishuken, or 'self teach' activity on robot cover management. Our assistant manager took the lead with his team and spent 6 months collecting data and implementing countermeasures. Robot covers had been stored in a conex storage unit outside the paint shop. With over 4,000 covers stored and inventoried on a weekly basis, the problem identified was an excessive amount of walk time transporting covers in and out of the plant twice per week. The travel distance related to cover changes was over two miles!

Our team decided to implement a storage and roller bed system on the mezzanine level. Our manager and his team were able to implement changes that reduced walk time by 70% and WIP by 40%. Other key improvements include:

  • Recognized savings over $20,000
  • Eliminated the cost of the storage unit
  • Eliminated exposure to extreme weather conditions
  • Eliminated cardboard 
  • Eliminated ergonomic issues through hoist usage
  • Reduced inventory
  • Implemented FIFO
  • Implemented visual controls

MacLellan is dedicated to continuous improvement for our operations and our customers. This improvement was selected based on our research, application of problem solving methodologies and dedication to improving our processes for our team members.

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